Engedi Spiritual Formation: The word “ENGEDI” comes from a wonderful place recorded in the Bible. It is located on the western shore of the Dead Sea and is the largest desert oasis. In the midst of sand wilderness, surprisingly there are palm groves and fountains of fresh spring where one can find rest and shelter in desperation. “ENGEDI” appears numerous times in the Bible, it is a place where our Mighty God miraculously rescues His people in times of their hardships. When David was pursuit by Saul, he fled and hid in the cave of Engedi. Inside that cave, David had the opportunity to take Saul’s life but he chose not to return evil for evil. He feared the Lord and trusted His faithfulness in treating those who had persecuted him.

The purpose of “Engedi Spiritual Formation” is to provide spiritual direction and leadership training, guiding Christians along while facing life’s uncertainties and spiritual turmoil. The outcome of spiritual direction does not rely on the director’s ability and experience. It is solely through His grace that the directee will be enlightened; mind and soul be spiritually renewed and refreshed.


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